The New Zealand Llama Association

The most important thing the NZLA offers is a place you can meet people with a shared interest – llamas! A place where you can share information, get help or advice, and  where we support each other to promote the well-being llamas.

What we do

  1. To educate owners and interested members of the public in the needs, care and welfare of llamas.
  2. To promote llamas and their uses as working and companion animals, and pets.
  3. To facilitate and encourage fun activities with llamas.
  4. To liaise with government and other authorities on behalf of members on matters pertaining to llama ownership, care and use.
  5. To provide a communication forum for the sharing of news, ideas and knowledge relevant to llama ownership, care and use.
  6. To negotiate, set up and operate agencies, or other arrangements with other Camelid organisations where applicable to achieve the objectives of the association.
  7. To encourage compliance with a code of conduct for llama ownership
  8. To provide a registry for the collection of information of all New Zealand llamas and for the registration of llamas.

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Seasons Greetings

Best wishes of the season to all llama folk in New Zealand. Enjoy your holiday and time with family and travel safely. And don’t forget to take a supply of carrots down to your llamas on Xmas Day. Many thanks to all those who contributed to the...

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Camelid Dermatology by Dr. Corey Regnerus

Camelids on their own are a bit of a mystery to most veterinarians, not including approaching diagnostics of dermatological cases in them. Dr. Tayler from Perdue University published a great synopsis of common causes of skin issues in New World Camelids, as well as...

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Llama Stocking Rates

This time of the year, when it is cold, wet and the days are short, is a good time to look at the paddocks and decide on stocking levels for the coming year. It is so easy to see the abundant grass in Spring or Autumn and add more stock or do more matings...

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For the llove of llamas

Country Life 9:40 pm on 15 September 2017 A large herd of llamas live on Keith Payne's 30-hectare hill property tucked into the secluded Blythe Valley in North Canterbury.  His is one of only two guanaco studs outside South America. Several of...

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What Exactly is a Ccara Llama?

When I commenced my research into the history of llamas a number of years ago, I was at first surprised that the word for llama in both Quechua and Aymara is “KARA”. As the indigenous people did not have a written language, this was expressed in english by...

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A Day in the Life of a Wild Llama

He didn’t have a name, but if a name had been appropriate he would be called Pacha Kuyuy, the Quechua word for earthquake. An hour after he was born, a mighty quake had rattled through the Andes. That was 8 years ago. Today he had been awake, on alert, for...

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Newsletter August 2017

A big hello to everyone all over New Zealand, I trust winter has been kind to you. I can sense it is beginning to weaken and the warmer weather this week should hopefully be testament to the coming of spring. But do not reduce your vigilance in regard to...

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Newsletter July 2017

Greetings to all, it has been a pretty eventful winter from a weather point of view, I trust you have all managed safely through it and your llamas and other stock have faired well. I find it is a useful task to body score all my llamas at mid winter, I was surprised...

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