The New Zealand Llama Association

The most important thing the NZLA offers is a place you can meet people with a shared interest – llamas! A place where you can share information, get help or advice, and  where we support each other to promote the well-being llamas.

What we do

  1. To educate owners and interested members of the public in the needs, care and welfare of llamas.
  2. To promote llamas and their uses as working and companion animals, and pets.
  3. To facilitate and encourage fun activities with llamas.
  4. To liaise with government and other authorities on behalf of members on matters pertaining to llama ownership, care and use.
  5. To provide a communication forum for the sharing of news, ideas and knowledge relevant to llama ownership, care and use.
  6. To negotiate, set up and operate agencies, or other arrangements with other Camelid organisations where applicable to achieve the objectives of the association.
  7. To encourage compliance with a code of conduct for llama ownership
  8. To provide a registry for the collection of information of all New Zealand llamas and for the registration of llamas.

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Breed Standard 2018

This guide is intended to assist breeders and purchasers to identify the characteristics they should be looking for, and judges assessing the NZ llama. Please take note of the disqualifying faults at the end.

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Lama Glama Gazette: Issue 1 Vol 2 2019

Contents: NZLA AGM – 4th May 2019 Amuri A&P Llama Show – 2nd March 2019 Part 1 of 2 for Cria Halter Training by Judy Webby – Champenoise Llamas DNA/Parent Verification, Microchipping, Facebook, Social Media and Contact Details

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Research on Llamas, Alpacas and the Inca Empire

We all have some interest in llamas and alpacas, yet some of you may not be completely aware of the essential role they played in kick-starting Andean societies. Without them there would have been no Machu Picchu, nor could Andean people have survived at...

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2018 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting New Zealand Llama Association Inc (Incorporation No: 1427864) The 15th Annual General Meeting of the NZ Llama Association was held at The Manakau Community Hall Manakau, Levin, at 1.30pm, May 5th, 2018. In the absence of the...

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Seasons Greetings

Best wishes of the season to all llama folk in New Zealand. Enjoy your holiday and time with family and travel safely. And don’t forget to take a supply of carrots down to your llamas on Xmas Day. Many thanks to all those who contributed to the...

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Camelid Dermatology by Dr. Corey Regnerus

Camelids on their own are a bit of a mystery to most veterinarians, not including approaching diagnostics of dermatological cases in them. Dr. Tayler from Perdue University published a great synopsis of common causes of skin issues in New World Camelids, as well as...

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