The Objectives of the NZLA

  1. To educate owners and interested members of the public in the needs, care and welfare of llamas.
  2. To promote llamas and their uses as working and companion animals, and pets.
  3. To facilitate and encourage fun activities with llamas.
  4. To liaise with government and other authorities on behalf of members on matters pertaining to llama ownership, care and use.
  5. To provide a communication forum for the sharing of news, ideas and knowledge relevant to llama ownership, care and use.
  6. To negotiate, set up and operate agencies, or other arrangements with other Camelid organisations where applicable to achieve the objectives of the association.
  7. To encourage compliance with a code of conduct for llama ownership
  8. To provide a registry for the collection of information of all New Zealand llamas and for the registration of llamas.

Committee 2018-19

President: Corey Regnerus eMail:
Vice President: James Kell
Secretary: Judy Webby eMail:
Treasurer: John Davison
Registry Manager: Judy Webby
Committee member: Ruth Bradwell 
Committee member: Kevin Collins 
Committee member: Julie Insley 
Committee member: Peter Webster 

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