The Registry

We consider this registry to be the most comprehensive record of llamas and guanacos in New Zealand, both past and present. Please get in touch with the Secretary of the NZLA if you have further information to add to existing registrations, such as gelding of a male llama, change of ownership, or death of an animal, or to add new Births or previously unregistered animals to the registry.

    1. The Llama Registration Form
    2. Contact Details, Breeder Prefix and Owner Code Registration Form
    3. Change of Name Notification
    4. Transfer of Ownership
    5. Death Notification


Register: Numerical 2021 (PDF)

Register: Alphabetical 2021 (PDF)


Whilst the information contained within this registry is as full and detailed as possible the NZLA cannot be held responsible for errors and incorrect information within the registry. If you consider listed information to be incorrect please contact the NZLA secretary.