I hope you are all getting through winter with your llamas fat and happy.

The mild winter is causing problems for some as the Barber Pole Worm (Haemonchus contortus) which is usually a problem in the warm wet conditions of autumn and spring is continuing to cause trouble through winter.  Massey is seeing incidences of multiple camelid deaths in the Manawatu. Most stomach worms have a cycle of about 21 days from egg to adult to egg. Haemonchus can be only 4 days so an infestation can build up very quickly. Regular faecal egg counts are the ideal, as regular drenching of the whole herd can build up drench resistance, but that is invasive and can be costly if you don’t have your own equipment. As Haemonchus kills by sucking blood to the extent that the animal dies of anemia, the Famacha chart  is a quick and easy way to find the anaemic animals in your herd, it was designed for goats but works for camelid also. There are many references on the net, but here is a link to a short description and includes the chart.

On a brighter note, we have a number of events coming up:

  1. Daffodil Day is on 29th August. Many of our members take their llamas out to be collectors, it is a very worthy cause and the llamas certainly attract attention, so I encourage you to ring your local Cancer Society and volunteer.
  2. Lynn and Kevin Cole are hosting a llama day on 31st August at 12 Kowhai Ford Road Kaikora. Contact them on 03 319 5033 or e-mail  admin@llamatrekking.co.nz
  3. The Rangiora Show day is 25th October. Contact convenor Jacky Middleton on  03 315 6152 or email ronandjacky@kinect.co.nz
  4. The Canterbury Show is 12-14th November.  Contact convenor Lynn Cole on 03 319 5033 or emailadmin@llamatrekking.co.nz
  5. Julie is working on the next Magazine so send your photos and/or articles to her at julie@llamas.co.nz as we all like to hear what everyone is doing with their llamas

Remember the Stud and Llama for Sale page available on the NZLA website

As always if you have any questions and suggestions contact any of the committee.

Kind regards Judy