Best wishes of the season to all and their llamas, please take care on the roads and don’t eat too much . . . . . . Oh, go ahead then.

To help walk off a few X Mas grams and give those llamas a day out, I have scheduled a walk on Nape Nape beach for Sunday January 24th 2016. Plan will be to either meet at my place or at the beach, unload the llamas and walk 2.5 ks along the beach to a nice grassy picnic area.

The walk back to the vehicles after lunch can either be on the beach or via a little road at the top of the beach which is a bit easier walking and will give the llamas a chance to nibble as they go.

For those who don’t know Nape Nape, it is a very nice beach which attracts few people as it is a bit out of the way. It is just 6 k’s from my farm on Blythe Road. There are very very long stretches of beautiful beach and a couple of spots which are ideal for a picnic.

I’ll bring saddles with a couple of my boys so don’t worry if you don’t have a saddle, your lunch will fit in mine. I’ll also arrange a long tether so we can tie off the llamas while we have lunch.

So bring some water or tea, sandwiches etc, appropriate clothing for the weather, dogs are welcome on the beach.

Plan is to be at the parking area at the beach by 10.30.

Look forward to catching up, let me know if you want to borrow a llama

03 3198522

Cheers Keith