Snowy is one of my favourite boys, originally acquired for stud, but subsequent acquisitions of guanaco studs has relegated him to unemployment and he was gelded in April 2016. He had a tough early life and was a bit hot headed at times, but he has matured nicely and today is content to be part of a herd. He really enjoys the little time I have with him. Although trained to pack he is not suited for hard core packing but will work with you all day long with a moderate load.

I think he also has potential for PR work.  I am looking for a good home for him where he will receive the attention he deserves, he is wasted here.

Name of Owner Keith Payne
Are you an NZLA Member Yes
Phone Number (03) 319 8522
Llama Name Lord Snowden
NZLA Registration Number 20050111
Birth Date 17/12/2005
Sire Bellbird Star
Dam LNZ Kellie Ann
Gender Castrated Male
Show Achievements not shown
Region Canterbury
Pedigree DNA Available No
Fleece Type double coat
Level of Training halter, lead, pack
Is your llama hybridised with alpaca? Not that I aware of
Price $100
Terms of Payment yes
Description A touch smaller than medium, Snowy is a handsome dude – white with a few light brown spots. His fleece will not make him famous and he is a bit on the small side, but a very likeable character who you will warm to.
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