Minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting

New Zealand Llama Association Inc

(Incorporation No: 1427864)

The 15th Annual General Meeting of the NZ Llama Association

was held at The Manakau Community Hall Manakau, Levin, at 1.30pm, May 5th, 2018.

In the absence of the President and Vice President, Corey Regnerus was asked to chair the meeting

  1. Welcomed were members Corey Regnerus, James Kell, Judy Webby, Alex Jermunson, Tamara Duran, Stephen Mulholland, Ruth Bradwell, Kevin Collins, Mara and John Davison.

The Objects of the NZLA were read to set the scene for the meeting

Ten members attended so quorum was met.

Apologies were received from: Keith Payne, Julie Insley, Peter Webster, Uta Bleidistel, Jacky Middleton, Graeme Butterfield, Janette Osborne, Lynn and Mike Richardson, Lynn Barrett, Diane Henderson, Kevin Cole, Mike O’Donnell and Patricia Swale.

  1. Adoption of Previous Minutes: The minutes from 2017 AGM have been previously circulated to all members and copies were made available at the AGM. No attendees were also at the 2017 AGM, but Keith Payne has declared them a true and correct record

Moved; Tamara Duran

Seconded; Alex Jermunson     –     Carried

  1. Matters Arising: There were no matters arising.


  1. Correspondence: Secretary’s correspondence file was made available for review.


  1. Discussion and Adoption of the Treasurer’s Report: 2018 Annual accounts were circulated to all members prior to the meeting. Treasurer John Davison presented the report, the closing balance is $4,747.31. $1,747.01 in the Rescue fund, and $2,989.01 in the Members fund

Moved; John Davison

Seconded; Kevin Collins


  1. Discussion and Adoption of the President’s Report: Corey read President Keith’s report which is attached. The report was accepted

Moved; Corey Regnerus

Seconded; Tamara Duran

  1. Voting of Officers of the 2018-19 Committee:

8 members have been nominated for the committee and have indicated below which positions they are willing to hold.

  1. Formal confirmation of 2018/19 NZLA committee.

President; Corey Regnerus

Vice President; James Kell

Secretary; Judy Webby

Treasurer; John Davison

Committee Member; Ruth Bradwell

Committee member; Kevin Collins

Committee Member; Julie Insley

Committee Member; Peter Webster


Moved that the members be elected to the positions they had indicated they would stand for; Proposed; Stephen Mulholland

Seconded; Alex Jermunson


  1. Future Membership Subscription, AGM Dates:

Subscriptions will remain unchanged, with the incoming committee to discuss the level of the early payment discount.

NZLA 2019 AGM will be held in the South Island, traditionally on the 1st Saturday in May

Keith Payne has offered to host at his farm in Cheviot

Moved; John Davison

Seconded; Judy Webby


  1. Any Other Business.

 Judy Webby has agreed to continue as Registry manager

Simon Gurnsey has said he does not want to continue as Webmaster nor to host the NZLA website, other options to be discussed by the committee

Change of signatories for cheques; In order to change the signatories, the bank requires a copy of the AGM minutes. Signatories were agreed to be; the current Judy Webby, and John Davison, with Keith Payne removed and Corey Regnerus added

Moved: Kevin Collins

Seconded: Alex Jermunson


Discussions were held regarding adding value to membership of NZLA, such as adopting a rescue llama, becoming a friend of NZLA. To be continued by the committee

It was suggested that events held by members such as the Boxing Day walk, also be held in different areas at the same time.

Hold llama walks in conjunction with other clubs such as Forest and Bird

It was felt that to encourage people to breed for a reason that a NZ breed standard should be created. Emphasis to be on conformation, not fleece type, although the various fleece types will need to be included as part of a general description.

Ccara classification was discussed, it was agreed that this was a matter for the future, possibly in a similar format to the pack trials where individual animals are assessed to a particular standard.

As micro-micro chips are now available it was decided that chipping should be encouraged, it was also considered desirable that a chip reader be available in the North and South Islands for use at time of chipping and also matings. Having the chips inserted by a vet would discourage use, so it would be desirable for people to be able to be trained to insert the chips

Parental DNA also to be encouraged especially for stud males. Genomnz are no longer doing llama DNA tests, but will transfer the data on 10 llamas they hold to another register.  Massey Equine Parentage and Animal Genetics Services will hold the data for NZLA once Julie released the information on her llamas

Close of Meeting ; 2.50pm