Well, here is our final notification about this year’s show, it is shaping up to be a cracker and not one to be missed!  We will have an improved llama compound, new attendance rules which will result in less stress for you and your llamas and I even have it on good authority that the weather will be sunny and warm.


Please note that your entries must be in by 24th September. A reminder here that all llamas entered must also be registered so if yours is not then please do it soon don’t leave it to the last minute as Julie needs time to process them. Here is a link to the registration form on our website https://llamas.org.nz/registry. If you are not sure of colours or pattern just make sure you include at least 1 photo of the llama. If you have questions contact Julie Insley at 09 407 7107 or insleyjulie@gmail.com  or call me.

All those entering Obstacle and/or Packing Classes will, after registrations close, receive an explanation of how these classes are scored so you may prepare yourself and your llamas accordingly.

Anyone bringing llamas a distance for the Show, please let me know if you would like to find a llama farm where your animals can acclimatise for a day or so before and after the Show, please let me know. Canterbury folk are pretty hospitable!

And the Wednesday of the Show, although not a day with classes to be judged, is shaping up to be a fun llama demonstration day.  Sara has already done a lot of preparation for this, please give her a call at 03 329 9115 or sara@saracrane.co.nz if you intend to have llamas there on the Wednesday, to be part of the fun.

Please note it is quite correct for each farm to display a sign on your llama pens with the name of your farm and the llama services/products you offer.

You may bring your llamas to the compound on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings, or the next mornings. If you arrive during the day or too late to gain entry with your vehicle and float, then you can park at the parking area behind the llama compound and walk your llamas on halter into the Show area. Although you are not permitted to leave before 5.30 each day, this regulation is intentionally in regard to vehicles and again you can walk your llamas to your parked float outside the Show area.


  1. As at the time of preparing this, we are still in need of a Steward for the Thursday and Friday of the Show.
  2. To all those who are in possession of trophies, plaques, etc from prior shows, these should be returned in a cleaned condition to the A & P office on the showgrounds before the 9th Novemeber. The best opportunity for this may be when we gather to prepare the compound the weekend before, day and time tba.

Any questions or concerns, please give me a call   03 319 8522     thepaynegang@mac.com

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