Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all managing with the unsettled summer we have all been having. From the droughts in the North Island and the top of the South Island, to the derth of summer weather in the South, it has certainly been a challenging season. Then add to this the earthquakes and fires…..

I realise its a busy time for most of you, and a request for you to think about standing for the NZLA committee is probably just about the last thing you want to hear, but we all need to take some time to consider the future of NZLA. Your present committee members agreed to step forward at the last AGM to prevent the NZLA folding. With the next AGM approaching (in May), it’s time for the membership to decide what they would like to do. – keep NZLA going o members will need to step forward to fill vacant positions (its unlikely that many of the current committee will stand again) – put NZLA into recess – begin winding up NZLA This is no small decision.

Many of you will say that you don’t have time to attend meetings, or that with membership scattered over NZ, it makes attending meetings difficult, if not impossible. That’s true if you have to travel to meetings. However the current committee has members spread from Northland to Otago, and meetings are conducted over the internet. All you need to be able to do is type – or you could set up skype meetings.

The positions to be filled are as follows

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • At least 2 committee members

If NZLA is to continue, then there is also magazine editor. Another thing that needs consideration is membership numbers. If NZLA is to continue, then membership numbers needs to increase. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle really. With small numbers the same people constantly step forward or are asked to step forward for leadership roles. Fatigue/factions develop and a downward spiral begins. With more members, roles can be shared and new ideas and energy can see an increase in people stepping forward for roles. This energy can lead to more events and more new members.

Should you wish NZLA to continue, can you please put some thought into events that you might like to be involved with eg – national open day (this could coincide with national alpaca day) – workshops – local shows/displays – trekking days Please note though, that apathy has generally scuppered many events over the last year or so, with few, if anyone turning up. If you wish to be involved in an event, you will need to supply the energy and the impetus to get people to attend.

This sounds pretty negative, but its not really. If everyone started to think positively and work together, then revitalising NZLA wouldn’t be too difficult a task. The next committee meeting is being held tonight at 7pm. Soon afterwards details of the next AGM will be sent out. If you have any thoughts or anything you would like to bring up, please contact one of your committee members as soon as possible.

Regards Brenda McLean President

Brenda McLean
Windermere Alpacas & Llamas
759 Adams Flat Rd RD2 Milton
Email b.smclean@unifone.net.nz
Phone (03) 417 7460
Website http://www.alpacabreeders.co.nz/