New Zealand Llama Association Inc. Breed Standard 2018

This guide is intended to assist breeders and purchasers to identify the characteristics they should be looking for, and judges assessing the NZ llama. Please take note of the disqualifying faults at the end.

The llama is primarily a working animal, so emphasis is placed on conformation and correct movement, with colour and fleece type a matter of personal preference.

General Appearance

The ideal llama moves with grace and fluidity. Its disposition is calm and curious. It will not be overly nervous nor show any sign of aggression

It will be mature at approximately 3 years of age, at a height of at least 100cm.

A well-balanced animal will have a neck and legs of equal length, they will be 70% the length of the back. Movement will be smooth with no swaying from side to side.

The llama has 3 natural gaits, the walk, pace and gallop, with pronking thrown in for fun.